The Way of the Warrior Saint

Unleash Great by living a crucifixional life

Become a Warrior Saint

Become a Warrior Saint

Gain the tools to live a practical, biblical and crucifixional life.

Take Control of Your Life

Take Control of Your Life

Live your best life through crucifixional living, by being focused on others.

Find your Inner Greatness

Find your Inner Greatness

You will be transformed and transcend the mediocrity of the world.

What Makes St. George So Different?

There is a feeling inside everybody that longs for greatness. Every person wants to be great!  A great man, a great woman, a great child, spouse, parent, employer, employee, friend, relative, Christian…a great person. Inside each of us, that greatness is locked away, fighting to get out and make a positive contribution to the world.

But the world is at war and the battleground is the heart of man. The voice of culture is trying to stifle us with mediocrity. Society is harshly divided because of this.  By tricking us to focus on the appeasement and comfort of self, the world is trying to pull us off the path to greatness. Sadly, this can lead to brokenness, loneliness and hopelessness.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ showed us a different way, a better way. At St. George, we help you find that different Way to unlock your inner greatness. We call that the Way of the Warrior Saint, which is practical, biblical, and crucifixional living and is focused not on self, but on other. We dedicate ourselves to teaching the life of the Warrior Saint in our worship, our educational programs and our online video series.

The Way of the Warrior Saint is open to anyone who aspires to greatness. Through struggle, hard work and dedication to Jesus Christ, each and every person can transcend the mediocre life the world teaches and ascend the heights of a life of Truth, a life in Christ.

This is the path to greatness. Join the movement and become a Warrior Saint!

“One of my new habits is attending Sunday morning Liturgy. The messages are awesome and although I watch them on the videos, it’s different from actually being there. Even though occasionally I don’t feel like going, my whole week goes better when I do. That’s not just coincidence.”

Tom R

“The Warrior Saint videos not only have a gift for explaining life’s questions and faith clearly, but they touch your heart as well.”

Michele S

Wednesday Bible Study was my first time stepping into an Orthodox Church and instantly I encountered loving people, life-changing dialogue, and a genuine priest and team.

Phillip S

How do I become a Warrior Saint?

You can Join the Warrior Saint Movement by