What is the way of the Warrior Saint?


The world is a battlefield.


Society is harshly divided. We struggle with broken morality, health, jobs, relationships, and ultimately, death.

The voice of culture tells us that the way to combat these fears is through self-focus and political-correctness. But this only perpetuates brokenness, fear, anger, and loneliness. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shows us a different Way.  A better Way.

At St. George we call that The Way of the Warrior Saint.

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St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church trains Warrior Saints® to follow Christ’s Way.

  • Educate

    We teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we are educated, strong, and independent leaders.

  • Enrich

    We build a solid community, so that our lives are enriched through worship and fellowship.

  • empower

    We serve others, so that we are empowered to be selfless and outward looking.

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Here’s what we do

  • Educate

    Through engaging and relevant bible studies

  • enrich

    Through powerful worship and fellowship

  • empower

    Through serving those in need

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