Way of the Warrior Saint Podcast

Extreme Ownership: How Not to Blame Others

It’s so easy to blame others when things don’t work out how we want.  And even easier to then demand that they apologize to us instead of taking responsibility for our actions.  But by living a crucifixional life, we can take extreme ownership and control the outcomes we want to see happen!

Develop Your Gifts

You’ve been blessed with a very special gift.  Use that gift, develop that gift to find your greatness within.  Share it with the others and share it with the world.

Victim of a Cell Phone Drive-By

Corporations using subscription based sales are making us their slaves.  Take control of your financial situation by cutting out some of your unnecessary subscriptions.  Unlock your inner greatness and find some financial peace.

Dying a Good Death: Interview With a Cancer Patient

We spend so much time trying to live a good life.  This singular focus can make us forget that it is equally as important to die a good death.  In this episode of the Way of the Warrior Saint podcast, we interview a cancer victim, Abeer, who’s faith and diligence during her treatment, suffering and death was an inspiration to an entire community.  We share this with the hopes that she will inspire you also.  

How to Deal with Criticism

In this episode, we explore the 4 reasons why people criticize us and through crucifixional living the 4 ways we can overcome them.


Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is taking right action in spite of fear.

Say No

In the first episode of the Way of the Warrior Saint podcast, we explore how you can maximize your productivity. As you unlock your inner greatness, learn how to say NO to all of the non-essential activities life tempts us with.