The Way of the Warrior Saint

Another day, another bombing. This time Manchester. Islamic terrorism has become so common that we hardly blink anymore.

Over 70 pronouns to accompany someone’s preferred gender. Or gender identity. I mean, gender expression. Wait, gender proclivity? No, animal kin. Yeah, that’s it, animal kin.

Marriages open enough to date other people. Marriages bringing in a third person. Marriages to oneself. Seriously, that’s a thing.

Politicians that preserve self-interest. And divide us into groups. And insult. And lie. And threaten. And propagate post-modern Marxism.

At least our college campuses have maintained the integrity of free speech, intellectual honesty and truth. Well, except that they don’t honor science anymore. Oh yeah, and they teach opinion as fact…unless your opinion is different than what they say, then it’s false.

How many more do you want? I could go on.

The world is a battlefield. And the fight is not between people. People don’t exist anymore. We’re now all part of identity groups. Identity groups that at best don’t speak to each other and at worst try to destroy one another. Our morality is suspect. Our health is failing. Our debt is out of control. Not to mention the fear of death that most of us don’t want to even think about. It’s nuts.

The voice of culture wants to persuade us that focusing on myself and being politically correct is the proper way to engage in this battle. Just take care of myself because I’m all that really matters. Oh, and don’t offend anyone. We don’t offend, we tolerate anything, even at the expense of telling the truth. Do this and everything will work out fine.

Ok, so how’s that working out for you?

Even a cursory glance into the eyes of people around us will show that this way doesn’t work. It only leads us to deeper suffering and often overwhelming feelings of fear and loneliness. The cave is deep and dark. And there are monsters inside.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ showed us a different Way. Different not in that he expects us to face different challenges, nor that he expects us to run and hide from the chaos of the world. Rather he shows us a Way that leads directly towards that deep, dark cave inside each of us. And he shows us that through the Cross all of the monsters inside that darkness are vulnerable. The monsters can be conquered. Conquered by confronting them, recognizing them, admitting to ourselves that they are real. And then through his grace to transform them: turning darkness to light and death to life. This happens when we become strong, independent leaders. Who think. When we become Warrior Saints™.

The mission of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church is to train Warrior Saints™ to become strong, powerful and thoughtful leaders who are educated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whose lives are enriched as a community of people who worship and gather together. And who are then empowered to go out into the world and serve our brothers and sisters in need. The mission of this blog, The Way of the Warrior Saint is to offer thoughts, insights and ideas that help guide us in our Christian walk, reflecting on current life events through the lens of Holy Scripture. We invite you to join us on our journey to become Warrior Saints™.